Healthcare Professionals

COVID-19 AMN Hotline: 800-887-1456

AMN Healthcare would like to thank you for the dedication you put forth every day to support patients and healthcare facilities. The nation looks to providers like you, especially in times of need. We are calling on you to join our efforts in supporting affected communities.

We are in constant communication with hospitals nationwide and are working together to respond to COVID-19 while making your safety a top priority.

Please join us today. Crisis Response positions are available now.

Thank You, Heroes!

Jess, one of our amazing traveling clinicians, shares a message about strength, compassion, and perseverance. We need heroes right now, and Jess is that personified. We thank her and all the other healthcare professionals who are sacrificing time with family and working around the clock to help us get through this.


You inspire us.

What You Need To Know Today

Who to Call

  1. If you are currently on assignment and have any questions, please reach out to your AMN recruiter for more information.

  2. If you do not have an assigned recruiter but have a question, please call AMN at 800-887-1456.

  3. If you are not currently on assignment and are looking to get involved, please fill out the form to get in contact with one of our recruiters.

Apply for Assignment

Interested in crisis response positions? Please complete this form and we will be in contact with you.

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